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Hey! I’m Keba, but you can call me Shangwe. I have a passion for writing music and short stories. The digital drive me. The fan blowing the CPU is my aesthetic. Sadly, it is corrupt: this digital field of opportunity. I can try to plug 40 wires into 2 outlets, but at the end of the day there are only 2 outlets. I could give up easy because what is already in existent is hard to change. But, I like a challenge. I want to build on this platform and bring a smile people’s faces. It’s hard to make someone smile, this I know. Despite this, I want to inspire. I want to make them laugh. I want to see you change. So, welcome once again to my blog for amazing people like you~

Founded by O. Makeba and  dedicated to all little girls and teens to empower and encourage self-expression,  dialogue and unity amongst all young females as well as males with cultural differences as well as disabilities.

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I Am Princess was born out of the need for girls of color to see themselves in a more positive light.  O. Makeba & her 14 year old daughter believe in the  power of storytelling and illustration as a vehicle for community building and empowerment. 

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