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July 29, 2019

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Hello, and welcome to the Weekly Bullet Journal! At the start of each week, there will be a post containing a little bit of everything you need to begin the week. The sun’s smiling down hard on us today, yeah? I wish it’d just ease up a bit, for the sake of my burning skin. Jesus. 

Today, I have prepared a very important advice column. But first…

I know you’re wondering, “What’s cooking up in the playlist department this week?”



I’m trying something new! You click on the photo to access the playlist. Please tell me (via comments) if you think I should just continue to keep a commentation on each song itself, stating the song in text.

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Today, I sat in my room, clicking through pictures and saving them to my computer. Today, I wasted 15 minutes of my life doing exactly that. Today, it hit me unexpectedly. This question that I’m about to type after hours of wasting my life away. 

What’s in a pill? 

Is it chemicals cooked up in a lab with curious scientist? 

Or is it lethal bubbles that stay put until they explode inside you? 

A pill. Why do people take them?  

Pain. Insecurity. Depression. Anxiety. 

People have to carefully watch the pills that they take.

Similar to pills, the world has set an eye on us. 

Us: the mental, the broken, the pained, the beaten, and the oppressed.  

They put a label on you, then put you in the bottle of many others different from you. They give you a warning label to protect you from who you really are. They tell you your contents could be dangerous, but never tell you why.

Are you curious what it is? I am These dangerous contents… What could they be?

Is it a part of you that you don’t want to ever see blossoming, blooming, flourishing?

They give you pills to hide this curiosity that is simply absurd.

But what is in this pill? What is in a pill? 

Teeth that sink into your soul.  

Teeth that scare the real you back into place, so you are the perfect soldier like the others. 

What is it that attracts us to oppression? 

Perhaps it is the risk of loosing who we think we are. 

What is it in a pill? 

Chemicals that make me ill with someone else’s normalities. 

I don’t want to be normal. 

I don’t want to be uniform. 

I don’t want to be just like everyone else, someone else’s shadow, someone else’s orchestrated movements. 

I want to be unique. 

So no longer did I wonder, what was it in a pill that people wanted so badly to be ill with will to kill the little inside themselves. 

I knew I didn’t want to be like the others. 

I didn’t tell anyone of my curiousities. Everyone around me taking their own perscription pills to be normal. Feeding themselves these pills- these lies- of what normal is.

You don’t have to be one of them. 

You could fly. You could soar. 

Being you-nique is what seperates you from the crowd. 

So be you.

And soar. 

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 Apartment 112: Glossais

Written By Makeba Shangwe (Waddy)


It was dark. It was always dark. The tapping inside the walls was driving me insane. The beautiful city had loud conversations that night under graphite clouds outside. I looked around our “room”. Taurus was asleep peacefully by the window, Sagittarius’s head nestled in her lap. Aries had left for the night to work. Scorpio’s red hair sprawled across the hard bed was asleep next to me. I tried to distract myself from the tapping. It scares me; it reminds me of the glōssais. I play music in my ears, but still the tapping plays. 

“Tap…Tap…Tap… Tap, Tap.” 

I want to pull my ears off. Every night, I can’t help but to stay up at ungodly hours. It’s the mind I have expanding thoughts, thoughts expanding my mind. The taps only come at night. The day hours, are filled with awkward I look to my left. Scorpio is gone. My blood runs cold, and the room gets warmer. There’s a steady breath on my neck; shivers run down my spine. 

Hands cover my mouth and eyes. “Do exactly as I say,” the raspy voice says. My heartbeat pounds in my ears to rhythm of the taps.  

“Please don’t kill me,” I think. 

It scoffed. “I told you to go to bed.”  

I paused for a moment. “Scorpio?” I ask into his hand. 

He growled and moved his cold hands down to my neck. “Why aren’t you asleep, Gemini?” 

“I can’t sleep,” I sassed. “Plus, I’m 18, I don’t have to listen to you.” 

Scorpio sneered and removed his hands. He picked me up, took me into the small bathroom, slammed the door, and placed me on the ground. “I pay the grocery bill, sweetheart. You don’t have to eat.” 

pierced her lips. “If only I didn’t love food so much…” 

He smirked. “That’s better.” His eyes had a flame that never burned out. “Now, stay here and don’t come out.” 


Scorpio tossed me my phone. “Don’t come out. Don’t ask questions, and whatever you do… Don’t turn on the light. 

He shut the door, leaving me alone in the dark. It was always dark in Jamesville. They figured we couldn’t pay the bill anyway, so why put lights. I pressed my ear against the door.  

The tapping sounds were louder. “Tap… Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap,” The taps were more frequent. The doorbell shrieked as someone pounded upon the door. Screeeee… Rrrrrrrrrrr 

Someone was scratching the door like a nervous dog. Screeeeeeeeeeeeee Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 

My heart pounded against my chest. I wanted out.  

Silence for ten seconds. I heard Scorpio’s voice. “It’s alright. You can come out now,” he whispered. 

I reached for the door knob. It was burning hot. “He said not to come out…” 

I turned the knob, hesitant. I pushed it open regardless, and Scorpio– bloodied lips- smiled at me. “I said not to come out.” 

His lips curled into a evil grin as he snaked closer to me. My heart was beating out of my chest. He pulled me close to me. As I breathed in his scent, the earth began to spin. He looked me in the eyes.

“Good night, Gemini.”


This week’s genre is suspense, perhaps almost the opposite of what the last-last week’s genre was. Suspense evokes the feeling of thrill yet fear. Romance evokes feels of nostalgia and happiness. Almost opposites. ?



Once again, dancing towards the end,

Question of the week: What lessons in life did you learn to hard way?

Answer this question throughout the week.

For the best results: Contemplate this question for a couple days. You may have different answers as you go through different things.  

Thank you for reading! 

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Makeba Shangwe  



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