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Hello, and welcome to another post on the Weekly Bullet Journal. Today, there is not a cloud in the sky and the sun is hugging my skin. The Earth seems to be spinning a little faster today, so that’s good since today is not going as I planned. The kids at my job are a piece of work.

Lately, I’ve been listening to a little bit of everything. This is what I call, my RANDOM mood playlist. 


Random Genres Playlist 

  1. I’m just me- Ciara 
  2. One Missed Call- PJ 
  3. Mirrors- Justin Timberlake 
  4. Take you home- Baekhyun 
  5. Will You Know Me?- Stella Jang 
  6. Birthday Boy- Tobi Lou 
  7. Wherever you are- 5 seconds of summer 
  8. Gone 2 Long- Pretty Much 
  9. Need Your Love- Teenear Renee 
  10. Honey- Kehlani 
  11. On &On- Erykah Badu 
  12. Star Blossom- Doyoung X Sejeong 
  13. BBBIBBI- IU 
  14. Desafinado- Antonio Carlos Jobim 
  15. Season 2 Episode 3- Glass Animals 

What's Your Goal This Week?

Next week, comment and let me know if you accomplished your goal! Even if you didn’t accomplish your goal, tell me your progress. The person with the biggest goal accomplishment will get a shoutout on my instagram! (@princessshangwe). 

This week’s advice column:  

Today, we are going to talk about self-advice. Self-advice is the action of advising yourself without outside help. I think that it’s important to give yourself advice because if you don’t help you, no one will. But, in order to give yourself this advice, you must keep a positive mind set. Affirmations, positive thinking, and keeping a positive environment. I write letters to vent all the negativity in my life. 

For example:

Not too long ago, me and my friend, Jada Bear, have been talking about a common trend among teens. Loneliness. 

I went through some of my diary letter to myself (from a year or two ago), and found I have struggled with that exact same problem. 

Dear Me, 

Loneliness is something I’ve been feeling lately. Now, I’m 13 and I still have never had a boyfriend. Sometimes I start to wonder if I’m even amicable, girlfriend material. Some of my friends complain that all the boys like them. Meanwhile, I’m wishing my crush was all over me instead of my bestfriend. I think that I’m not cut from the same cloth as those other girls. They’ve got perfect body’s a pretty face, and the worst personalities- and tbh, I guess that’s girlfriend material. I know this isn’t really a “problem” to an adult, I mean, most of the time their saying that being single is “Freeing”. But to me it’s depressing. All my friends are girls, so many people think I’m gay. I’m not, and there’s nothing wrong with being gay, but I don’t like being called something I’m not. All my friends all have relationships while I’m just… here. I’m being ignored or maybe I’m just fading away…  

I think my personality is pretty great, I just don’t have the physical girlfriend material. It’s my birthday, and I just feel dead inside.  

I feel selfish for being a little jealous when my friend’s boyfriend is all over her and their just eating each other’s faces. I get a little mad at myself for not being perfect or amazing like my best friends.At field day, I just wanted to go home. I’d much rather be at home, watching my sappy Korean drama’s and crying.  

Is this just jealousy controlling me to feel lonely or is this a passing feeling? 


Lonely Soul

My response a year and a half later? 


Dear Lonely Soul, 

Do not be jealous. Do not feel lonely. You feel unwanted, undesirable, unneeded, excluded, and ugly, but you seem to be confused as to why you feel this way. You, my friend, are sourcing the problem to something likely unrelated- being single. I get it, your hormones are cutting up, and you’re seeing all these people be happy and cheerful with their boyfriend kissing and hugging all over them. It’s worse when your friends are those people doing that in front of you. I can see why you would get a little jealous. It’s normal to feel a since of longing for that.  What would be considered not normal? Going out and completely disregarding your self worth, personal standards, and gut feeling and getting a random guy to be your boyfriend because you’re “desperate”. What your feeling is indeed is a passing feeling. I want you to remember to know you are worth much more than that, and know you’re good with or without a boyfriend.  

Thanks for the letter, sis. 



See the contrast between letters? I’m definitely not saying wait a whole year to give yourself advice. I’m giving an example of self advice: writing your negative feelings down. By writing it down and ignoring your ego and listening to the small voice in your head (That voice is what I believe to be your true self, being honest and real with you about your situation), you can move on, point out source the problem, find a solution,  and even see how you have changed over time in a positive light!

Try it. Self advice is the move, 2019. Let’s get poppin’. 

If you have an issue you personally want me to give advice on, message me on Instagram @princessshangwe or email me at, and I’ll be sure to get back with you~  

Question of the week: What’s the wisest thing you have ever heard someone say?

Answer this question throughout the week. For the best results: Contemplate this question for a couple days. You may have different answers as you go through different things. 



Thank you for reading! 

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Makeba Shangwe  


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