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July 8th, 2019

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Hello, and welcome to another post on the Weekly Bullet Journal! Ah… The weather’s rather odd today, yes? Rainy days are my favorite days. The Earth is constantly replenishing the earth with colorless joy. Speaking of color, the week aesthetic is blue~ This week’s blue stands for healing. It’s fascinating how yellow is seen as happy, and blue is seen as saddening. It takes time to heal sadness, so when the dog bites and when the bee stings, and when you’re feeling sad, what do you do to cope?  


When I’m feeling sad, I use music to cope with it. This week’s playlist is a collection of songs to maybe help you feel better when you’re sad:  


  1. Epiphany- BTS 

                                                                                   Jin absolutely killed it on this song, and I feel like a proud mom (even though I’m 13 years younger than him) because he’s so confident in his voice now uwu 

  1. Truth Untold- Steve Aoki 
  2. Rain on Me- Joji 
  3. I don’t love you- Urban Zakapa                      This song is beautiful, and I love how all of their voices blend perfectly to form this song. When me and my mom don’t get along, I play this song in my room to calm myself down. 
  1. Promise- Jimin                                                     Jimin recently released this song. He really puts his soul in his songs when he’s singing, and the breathy(-ness?) notes makes it more heartfelt in my opinion. 
  1. So sad, So sad- Varsity                                      This song has “Chasing Dream” (Echosmith) vibes, no? 
  1. Postcard- Troye Sivan                                       Postcard is just one of those songs you listen to when you miss someone, ya know? 
  1. Why won’t you love me- 5sos                         The song I listen to when I look at my crush and wish he would just like me back *cries in British* 
  1. 4U- Blackbear                                                       Not a sad song at all, but it cheers me up. 
  1. 26- Paramore 
  2. Hiding- E.views                                                 E.views is similar to Joji and Keshi in style, but he’s more upbeat lofi. When I discovered him, I listened to his whole playlist 3 times in a row.  
  1. I don’t wanna be you- Billie Eilish               Billie sings “I don’t wanna be you anymore” to a mirror, and honestly it’s the biggest mood.  
  1. Make Up- Sam Kim and Crush                      Honestly, when me and my best friend fall out, I need advice from Crush and Sam Kim.  
  1. Jocelyn Flores- XXXtentation                       For a very odd-but understandable- reason, sad songs cheer people up. Maybe it’s because we feel understood. 
  1. Bohemian Rhapsody- QUEEN (psst, the PATD version is even sadder) Galileo must of wronged Freddie Mercury too. Understandably angry at the man who proved that the world doesn’t revolve around me >:( 
  1. Serendipity- Jimin 
  2. Cold- Rich Brian 
  3. Goes to Waste- Keshi                                     Keshi is an Asian-American singer-songwriter, and his music is the chill pill you take everyday.  

Prescription doses: Doesn’t matter if you’re smoothing out your eyebrows, or mad at someone. Take Anytime. 

  1. Lie- Jimin 
  2. Every track in the “In Tongues” EP by Joji  There’s a lot of controversy on whether or not Joji actually sounds good. My opinion? It sounds good to me, and that’s the tea. It didn’t at first, but I warmed up to it. The lofi style really suits me. It’s chill and I like it~  

What's Your Goal This Week?

Comment on next week’s bullet journal. Let me know what it was, or if you completed it! Even if you didn’t, tell me your progress. Whoever makes the most progress gets a shout out on my Instagram (@iamprincessshangwe)  

Beauty refers to everything attractive about you as yourself. The world’s standards lie to people. The standards include things such as “having big breasts make you gorgeous” or “a small nose is cute”. Everyone is beautiful, truth be told, because regardless of what the “World” says, inner beauty is more important.   

What we fail to realize is that even though the first ting people see is the outside, the most important people in your life will have the courage to get to know you for who you are. The people that are currently in your life and closest to you have detached themselves from how they first saw you and have explored further into the garden of you mind. Once they understand to some degree who you are as a person, they see you as more desirable; perfect.  

People may argue that some people are not beautiful on the inside. As I stated, however, anyone can be beautiful. It is up to the person to show these characteristics of inner beauty. If you know someone who chooses not to, try to convince or inspire them to want to grow inside; maybe it’s time to put the make-up down and let our flower bloom without suffocating underneath greaser.  

Of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look beautiful. It’s time we check on our relationships with others. Do they love for you for who you are? Mayhap, it’s also time to reflect on the inside and check how much we love ourselves for us.   

Let’s love ourselves.

Speaking of love, once a month, I will post a story in correlation for this month’s theme: love. This story is based off my experience this year in the 8th grade.The genre of this week is Love~ Sure, the story… It’s a little sad, but romance none the less. Enjoy~

A Friend in February, Forgotten in June 

Written by Makeba Waddy 

It had played with my mind many times. The belief that true love possibly could exist is a rather strange notion. My best friends have mentioned their “true loves” many times upon entering elementary school, while I sat alone at the lunch table, watching them flirt with each other. I never did understand boys until middle school, when my eyes met his. Sure, I had to look down considering his height, but he was wonderful. He dared to enter my dreams, where I felt safely detached from reality. He made me mad always. He would pick on me sometimes, but alone- when it was just us two- he was rather sweet.   

But then again, these could be delusions. Now I am 13, and upon entering a new school I still do not believe in true love. It comes, and it goes. It’s all a matter of looks and quick exchanges of numbers. Love is a broken swing.  

My eyes met his, and I was mesmerized by the confidence in his walk. He was taken by a new girl each week, I was sure. He was taken by one girl, and she declared he was perfect for her. She didn’t know love was a broken swing, thus at the same rate she declared “true love”, she continued to declare her heart was broken again and again. Too many scripts I read preach the story of Romeo and Juliet. Too many of these stories are read to the youth, who haven’t grasped love. Maybe for this reason, I find myself bitterly walking into walls and getting stuck in cycles of attraction and delusion, later finding I have wasted my time. They never like me back as I wait too long to get comfortable. They are comfortable as friends, and I smile as simply I suppress my colorful emotions in an asylum. I sigh as I realize that I will never have a Valentine. I am forever a friend in February.   

A N Y WA Y S, if you have an issue you personally want me to give advice on, message me on Instagram @princessshangwe or email me at

Once again, dancing towards the end,

Question of the week: Do I like who I am? 

Answer this question throughout the week.

For the best results: Contemplate this question for a couple days. You may have different answers as you go through different things.  

Thank you for reading! 

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Signing off…  

Makeba Shangwe  


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