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July 1st, 2019

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Hello, and welcome to the Weekly Bullet Journal! At the start of each week, there will be a post containing a little bit of everything you need to begin the week.  

This month’s aesthetic is yellow. This week’s yellow stands for energy and optimism; try to be optimistic and energetic about anything (and everything) you are looking forwards to and/or doing!  



Are you searching for good music? Hungry for new music? Well, look no further! WITH OUR NEW INVENTION-  

HAH! Just kidding. It’s because I have a playlist for every week

June 2nd, 2019 Playlist: 

  1. Bambi- Hippo Campus (rock)         I absolutely love this song~ They are definitely one of the more attractive western bands I listen to 😉 just a heads up.  
  1. 23- Chase Atlantic                            I’m nowhere near 20, but this song is so nostalgic for some weird reason.  
  1. Jello- Prettymuch 
  2. Just One Day- BTS                             I am an ARMY (lowkey), and this is one of the first songs I’ve ever listened to by them. I fell in love instantly. 
  1. She looks so perfect- 5sos 
  2. Losin’ You- Boy Pablo                      I found this chill band about a few weeks ago.  
  1. Watch- Billie Eilish                          Let’s just be honest, who doesn’t love Billie?
  2. Teenager- Got7 
  3. Friendzone- UMI 
  4. History- Rich Brian                      Every song from Rich Brian is pure fire, and history is one of them. 
  1. Can’t get over you- Joji 
  2. Seventeen- Troye Sivan 
  3. Greek God- Conan Gray           Conan Gray is one of my favorite artist. He’s becoming quite the talk these days 😉 
  1. Oasis- Crush 
  2. Primadonna- Marina and the Diamonds 
  3. Glow Like Dat- Rich Brian 
  4. Pool- WOODZ 
  5. Bone and Tissue- Gallant 
  6. Playdate- Melanie Martinez 
  7. No fun- Joji 

What's Your Goal This Week?

Next week, comment and let me know if you accomplished it! Even if you didn’t accomplish your goal, tell me your progress. Whoever makes the most progress gets a shout out on my Instagram (@princessshangwe). 


“I’m walking into Summer 2019 wearing Gucci Slides with no socks and friends that are faker than my nails. Raise your courser if you too suffer with “stuck-on-snakes” syndrome. Exactly. If you didn’t raise your courser, you’re no fun. If you did, you’re honest and I love that. If you didn’t raise your courser because you “have never had fake friends”, you’re either a psychologist or blind.   

Disclaimer: These methods ACTUALLY work.  

First, we must recognize this creature. The creature that blends in with the crowd so well, we may have made the mistake of taking them to our birthday party. The creature can be physically identified as having:  

  • A big mouth  
  • Fake nails longer than their forehead  
  • Old Weave from 2010
  • Bad fashion sense (but always says something about yours because their salty as the buildup between their toes)  
  • Having all 4 and then some  

After identifying what may be the creature, test it. Start by asking how you look. That day you know you ooze style when you come in, ask them how they think you look. If they answer negatively and are insistent you look bad, you know you have your crusty, dusty monster.  

Lastly, we must initiate “operation do not disturb”. IGNORE THEM AT ALL COSTS. Being a social butterfly myself, I would find this hard. But, recently, I found a way. Think of them as invisible. Don’t even recognize their presence. Pretend you have better things to do- and you do because I know all my readers are BOOKED AND BUSY

Warning: This can tick them off, especially if you’re talkative. It shows you genuinely don’t care about whatever they have to say.  

By using this method, you can easily unfriend them and get back to the more important things. Don’t let the fakes rent a space in your mind when you have better things to do than think about them. They are irrelevant, and don’t you forget it!

Hey, guess what? You learned something! Congrats, sis~  

If you have an issue you personally want me to give advice on, message me on Instagram @princessshangwe or email me at

The weather in Atlanta is hot, hot hot! As it always is at the beginning of the summer.

Ugh, I like the cold months, how about you guys? 

Looks like we’re nearing the end of this post, sadly. Here I leave you with…

Question of the week: Am I willing to change, or do I reject change often?  

Answer this question throughout the week.

For the best results: Contemplate this question for a couple days. You may have different answers as you go through different things.  

Thank you for reading! 

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Stay Unique, stay different and stay posted with The Weekly Bullet Journal (every Monday/Tuesday)!  

Signing off…  

Makeba Shangwe  



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